Sunday, 14 June 2015

Who's Hiding?

Who's Hiding?

By Agnese Baruzzi  
Published by Templar Publishing

Who’s Hiding? Is the lovely illustrated book by Agnese Baruzzi. Children and adults will love guessing what creatures are hiding by simple descriptive clues in the fun rhyming couplets before children can fold out the pages to reveal the creature.

This stunning book starts off in the garden patch, and with clues such as these: ‘With cotton tail and furry ears, Which creature’s found its dinner here?’ I believe children will have no trouble guessing the hidden creature. The illustrations on the folded page are cleverly done so that the page looks as if it’s just a garden patch and a very tall carrot sticking out but once you fold out the page, a bunny is revealed munching on a very large carrot.

The book covers the following scenes; woodland, pond, garden, sand and palm trees before ending up on a large landscaped picture which includes all of the creatures and asks for you to spot them. 

Every page spread is beautifully illustrated and I love how certain aspects will turn into something else once you fold out the page, for example, how a toadstool becomes a ladybird or the heads of two birds which once made up a palm tree. There is a limited colour palette used, using muted colours which creates a lovely calming feel. And even the shape of the book makes it easier to handle for small hands. Recommended age is from 3-5 year olds. 

I love the fun clues and the stunning graphic artwork. Children and adults alike will no doubt enjoy this interactive journey of discovery again and again. 

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