Saturday, 20 June 2015

I Want My Daddy!

I Want My Daddy!

Written by Tracey Corderoy and Illustrated by Alison Edgson  
Published by Little Tiger Press

Some days we just need our daddies, and that’s especially the case for Arthur in I Want My Daddy!. If you liked Tracey Corderoy’s I Want My Mummy, then you will enjoy this sweet tale of Arthur and his special Daddy.

Arthur is having a very bad day, his castle keeps falling down, and he can’t be a knight without a castle. He needs his daddy! His Daddy believes it’s a job for more than one knight, and together they cement (with glue) and paint, making the turrets nice and straight. Arthur can finally enjoy playing knights, marching and swishing his sword but it isn’t long, when charging after baddies, he crashes into a broom, “Ouch!” Daddy is there with a hug and offers to take Arthur to visit his favourite castle at the park, where there are turrets, ladders and a great big slide. 

While fishing for monsters in the moat, something soon tugs on Arthurs line… Arthur starts to worry; what if its big and hairy and scary! It’s Daddy to the rescue, and after lots of pulling, a huge boot is pulled from the water. Daddy calls it a Boot-a-saurus which they find very funny. Later in the day Arthur decides to make a crown, as every castle needs a king, a special someone and that’s Arthur’s Daddy. The story is very sweet and children will be able to relate to when things don’t go to plan. This sweet picture book will cheer up any little knights having a bad day.

As always, illustrator Alison Edgson creates warm and reassuring illustrations alongside Tracey's playful text. Alison was also the illustrator of Mummy’s Little Sunflowers which I reviewed back in March. I Want My Daddy! is the perfect picture book for Father's Day and for those times when only Daddy will do! Available to buy at all good bookshops and on the Little Tiger Press website.  

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