Friday, 24 July 2015

On The Move (Little Explorers)

On The Move (Little Explorers)

By Ruth Martin & Allan Sanders
Published by Templar Publishing

I love informative books that are fun and exciting, and that’s definitely the case with On The Move, part of the Little Explorers series. A book, where you might learn a thing or two yourself!

On The Move explores the many vehicles that we would find on the road, sea, underground and in the air. With flaps to lift, you can explore what can be found inside the many vehicles around us. The book starts on Bikes and Scooters, and shows a range of all the different shapes and sizes that they can come in. There is detailed labelling to all the different parts that make up vehicles, with little informative bullet points. Other vehicles covered include the bus, train, boats, aircraft, trucks, vans and busy workers. 

I found the book really interesting with a good variety of vehicles covered. Children will love lifting flaps to explore inside lorries or check out the passengers. The text isn’t overwhelming but short, fun and informative, a good mix at keeping young childrens attention, especially as this series is aimed at ages 3+.

Allan Sanders’ graphic style is fun and eye catching and works really well with this type of book. If you're not familiar with Allan's work I recommend taking a visit to his website, he really does have a great portfolio of illustrations and clients.

This series was published in March by Templar Publishing and it’s a lovely, friendly introduction to the world of vehicles and I can bet that the My Amazing Body, part of the Little Explorers series, is just as fun and informative as this - it’s on my wish list! Little Explorers: On The Move is available in all good bookshops or online.

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