Friday, 16 October 2015

A Cat Called Panda

A Cat Called Panda

Written by Melanie Arora and illustrated by Charlie Brandon-King
Published by Button Books

A Cat Called Panda, written by Melanie Arora, features a naughty cat explaining his unusual name to a young girl named Amanda. Written as a whimsical nonsense-style poem and aimed at ages 1+, this delightful little book would make a great gift for any age, young and old. 

Panda is a cat who is very fond of bamboo and tries to explain to Amanda that though he is called Panda, he is very much a cat. A cat who has bright green eyes and can see in the dark and can make dogs bark! He is a cat and it’s as simple as that! 

It features a monochrome theme throughout with splashes of colour. Children will be able to spot all the different animals that are black and white, such as a panda, badger, magpies and cows among many more.

The illustrations are simple, but being black and white the images are striking. I especially like the hard back cover under the slip cover, a striking animal pattern of white on black. A Cat Called Panda is available in all good bookshops or online here.

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