Monday, 26 October 2015

Ten Spooky Skeletons

Ten Spooky Skeletons

By Garry Parsons
Published by Caterpillar Books

It's nearly that spooky time of year again and if looking for some creepy books for your little ghouls, then check out this counting hardback, Ten Spooky Skeletons. It's a peek-through picture book with lots of bone shaking skeletons and a fun glow in the dark front cover as well as a glowing surprise at the end.

We join the skeletons as they go searching for some skelly friends. From playing pirates to circus antics, and even magic tricks, children will enjoy seeing what these silly skeletons get up to.

There are die-cut holes on each page to develop and continue the counting story. The holes are all different sizes and not always easy to spot, which is great as children will love trying to spot them first. I read this to Aoife as she always enjoys books with die-cut holes in and likes to feel the page looking for them and poking her little fingers through them.

Ten Spooky Skeletons is fun and flows well when reading out loud. Great for Halloween or reading at bedtime and seeing the glow in the dark skeletons. I find the skeletons rather cute and don't think they'd be too scary for your little ghosties.

Join the fun and count along with these comical skeletons and enjoy the super-spooky fright at the end! Ten Spooky Skeletons is available in all good bookshops and online here.

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  1. Funny I discovered your blog because of your review of Boo! Which we also reviewed on our blog. And I'm today writing a review of Ten Spooky Skeletons #similarbooktastes Great Readers Read Alike!