Tuesday, 13 October 2015

TOUGH GUYS (Have Feelings Too)

TOUGH GUYS (Have Feelings Too)

By Keith Negley
Published by Flying Eye Books

This stunning debut from talented illustrator Keith Negley looks at emotions and how they might affect tough guys. All the usual tough guys are here, with Keith including everyone from Superheroes to Cowboys and Astronauts to Racing Car Drivers. Keith's bold, striking style really makes each spread stand out.

We open on a sobbing Wrestler, who's upset he's lost a match - and why not? Even someone as big and strong as a wrestler might shed a tear if he's lost an important wrestling match. Keith also depicts an astronaut out in space and very lonely, as well as a couple of ninja friends who have fallen out over something upsetting. You'll also find tough hardy sailors shown at their weakest and Knights getting distraught over broken swords! 

We end with a young child reading in bed with his father. Parents have feelings too, even if they do try to hide them so they don't upset anyone else - which is the point of Tough Guys, a tough exterior doesn't always mean that you're that tough inside. A great graphical book that will help introduce children to emotions and help parents talk about it. Who knew the Hulk really had a good old cry now and again?

Tough Guys is available to buy now from all good bookshops and from the Flying Eye Books website.

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