Monday, 26 October 2015

Boo!: A Book of Spooky Surprises (My Little World)

Boo!: A Book of Spooky Surprises

Written by Jonathan Litton and illustrated by Fhiona Galloway
Published by Little Tiger Press

Boo! is the latest release that's part of the MY LITTLE WORLD series. I'm a big fan of these books, and reviewed EGG back in April, which you can read here. EGG is actually one of my daughter's favourite books and it saved us when we were stuck on a plane for 9 hours, when it should have only been 4!

In this title we join Pumpkin and his friends for a spooky game of peekaboo and try to find out who is shouting BOO!

This spooky board book features bright artwork and cute characters. Their eyes are little finger holes which are great for small spooky hands - Aoife loves turning the pages and using the holes to wiggle her fingers through them.

With lots of repetition, you may find your young ones shouting 'boo!' and trying to give you a fright. Boo! is full of spooky but fun surprises that you'll enjoy reading with your little ghouls. Boo! is available in all good bookshops and online here.

 Happy Halloween!!

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  1. My wee one loved this book too! Love Fhiona Galloway's illustrations. Will need to keep an eye out for Egg come Easter time! Hope they have some Christmas ones!?