Thursday, 31 March 2016

My first book of the FARM / My first book of OPPOSITES

My first book of the FARM /
My first book of OPPOSITES

By Alain Grée
Published by Button Books
I must admit I've been keeping me eye on the Alain Grée series as I'm a big fan of his retro style illustrations. There's 9 books in the My First Book series as well as flash cards, hard backs and activity books featuring his distinctive style, all published by Button Books. 

My First Book of the Farm is a board book covering a good selection of animals and what you may find on a farm. Animals, such as cows, pigs, sheep and goats as well as farmers. It gives a few selection of birds and jobs the farmer may undertake, like looking after the animals and growing food. Farm vehicles are also mentioned. It's a lovely introduction for very young children. 

Aoife is now at the age where she is taking a huge interest in animals and enjoys visiting the farm which makes this a great book to use to help identify animals and learning the words for the food and vehicles that she may have seen. She already likes looking through the book by herself and making the sounds of the animals.

My First Book of Opposites is filled with a good collection of opposites; big, small, light, heavy, hot, cold, empty and full among a few more. The illustrations are clear and easily convey the words well. Alain Grée's illustrations are simple but engaging.

I've only seen two books from this series but I'm definitely considering a few others for Aoife. Other subjects include Animals, Colours, Letters, Nature, Numbers, Sounds and Vehicles. These books are sturdy little board books, suitable for babies and young children. You can find more information on this series here.

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