Monday, 21 December 2015

Dot. - Vol. 3 The Numbers Issue

Dot. - Vol. 3 The Numbers Issue

By The Anorak Press

I reviewed Dot. Vol.1 back in July, it was a new creative magazine for little ones, aimed at girls and boys under the age of 5. Printed quarterly, Vol. 3 is out now and it’s all about numbers. 

Vol. 3 features a story featuring DOT, comic strips, children's number rhymes, a drawing section and a 'Let's eat!' and 'Let's Cook!' page. There's a fun learning about numbers section covering numbers from 0-9, each page lists fun facts and a drawing space to turn the number into an animal. 

As like the previous two magazines, the shapes and colours issues, these magazines are stunningly illustrated with bold and colourful shapes. Any magazine that encourages learning through play is a hit for me!

This magazine range is fun, intelligent and creative and would make a great alternative to an activity book - you can find DOT distributed through bookshops, kids boutiques, school libraries, and the newsstands. If interested, you can find out more about the Dot. magazine here.

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