Tuesday, 22 December 2015

One Day on Our Blue Planet.. in the Antarctic

One Day on Our Blue Planet..
in the Antarctic

By Ella Bailey
Published by Flying Eye Books

A little something for the New Year, Flying Eye Books will be releasing the second book in the series One Day on Our Planet. Written and illustrated by the talented Ella Bailey, this adorable book follows a young Adélie penguin chick as she embarks upon her first journey across the Antarctic ocean.

This book has such stunning end papers with illustrations of the different birds and mammals that can be found in the Antarctic - very informative and interesting for any young animal lover. 

Children will enjoy trying to spot this young penguin with her blue eyes amongst the other different penguins and animals. We follow her as she leaves her parents and jumps in to the big blue sea where she is swift and graceful. We learn that she may travel for miles in search of food such as krill, fish and squid. But there are many dangers to avoid like Leopard seals and Orcas. It may be many years before she returns to solid land but her which layer of fat keeps her warm.

I've enjoyed learning about the different creatures that share the little penguin's icy world. It's beautifully illustrated with a lovely palette of colours used and captures the coldness and icy beauty of the Antarctic. 

If your little ones enjoy learning about animals and their environments then this is definitely a series to look into. Available in January 2016 but for more information now, click here.

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