Monday, 21 December 2015

The Little Christmas Tree

The Little Christmas Tree

Paper Engineered by Corina Fletcher Illustrated by Vicki Gausden
Written by Rachel Elliot
Published by EGMONT

The Little Christmas Tree is more than just a story - It's a sweet tale about all the animals in Emerald Wood decorating the trees but one tree has been forgotten. Its a rush to make this tree just as spectacular as all the others and they manage just in time before they have a very, special visitor.

Once you've finished the story you have your very own pop up tree to decorate with decorations provided. Just tie the covers back with the ribbon on the covers and wow! The tree is well designed and sturdy for little hands to hang the cutout baubles. There's even the animal characters to play with as well. 27 press-out pieces provided and an envelope inside to keep them safe. I thought this was so pretty and a lovely way for children to act out the story. I adore the illustrations of the animals and with a sparkly, glittery cover, with so much fun to be had, this would make a great Christmas gift for boys and girls.
Recommended for ages 3+ and available in all good book shops.

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