Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Adventures of the Time Tub Twins

From the author/illustrator of "The Really Abominable Snowman” (by Walker Books) and "The Eating Monster” (by TopThat), Valentina Mendicino has collaborated with a new start up called Dara Technologies to work on something rather special...

The Adventures of the Time Tub Twins is a realisation of what to expect from the next generation of children's books - by merging real books with smart phone and tablet technology to engage today's eager young minds. 

This is a unique combination of storytelling and technology, never created before. The book can be read normally, but it also comes with an accompanying AR App that makes the reading experience even more special. When viewing the pages of our book through a smartphone or tablet device, the scene becomes interactive allowing the reader to be part of the story. In fact, through technology, the reader can shape their own adventure and interact with the 3D characters that pop out from the page! Interested? Watch the video below to see it in action.

The story is about two little kids who have an extraordinary gift for invention. The twins are capable of creating the impossible in their secret Lab. They even build a "Buddy Generator Machine” for those people who feel lonely and need a friend. Indeed, all along the adventure, the twins are followed by a loyal robo-dog friend made by this machine.

However, one particular invention gives them hard time: The Time Tub Machine. One day, the Time Tub magically activates! It takes the kids on an amazing journey through space and time... but unfortunately, it still has a few problems, leaving the twins stuck in the Dinosaur Era!

Valentina and Dara Technologies have been working on this for the last four months. This is a highly ambitious project that will involve another six months of development. In order to fund the project they are running a campaign on a crowdfunding platform called Indiegogo. To help this become a reality they need your help. There are great rewards for your generosity so pop over to the campaign page now and get supporting!

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