Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Socks For Santa

Socks For Santa

Written by Adam & Charlotte Guillain
Illustrated by Lee Wildish
Published by EGMONT

Socks for Santa is the fifth book in George's Amazing Adventures, a series which has featured Martians, a Dragon, a Yeti and Pirates. Now George in is the North Pole and wants to make sure Santa gets presents for a change.

On his way to the North Pole, George gets caught in a blizzard but he soon meets two friendly polar bears who help him along the way to Santa's workshop where there's chaos, the Elves are terribly late as there's a stack of toys still to wrap and Santa is waiting. George and the Bears don't hesitate and get stuck in to help and it's not long before George is being ushered in to Santa's room but it's not santa in there, it's Rudolph who has the flu and a nose that isn't glowing. Rudolph doesn't think he can lead Santa and the other reindeers but George pulls out one of his gifts for Santa and offers it to Rudolph, it's a head torch. 

All the other reindeer decide to pull out gifts for themselves leaving George upset that he has no more presents to give to Santa, he prepares to leave but just then he hears a "Ho, Ho' Ho." Santa has arrived and George explains to him what has happened. Santa is pleased as believe's that the spirt of Christmas! As Santa gets ready, and pulls on his socks, a toe pops out of a hole, what will Santa do, his foot will freeze! George has an idea and pulls out the very last present he has, a spare pair of socks!

This is a rhyming escapade with a feel good feeling - I love the idea of a child wanting to give Santa presents - a nice change! The illustrations fill the pages with cute character designs. I especially like the cute puffins with their expressive little faces.

Recommended for ages 3+, this would make a lovely addition to a Christmas collection of books. It's sweet, fun and a feel good story. Available in all good book shops.

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