Monday, 29 February 2016



By Jan Bajtlik
Published by Tate Publishing

Alphadoodler is the latest activity book from Tate Publishing. Described as an 'electrifying activity book that brings letters to life,' it certainly is that! With a bright neon orange cover, and minimal colours used within, this is a stylish and graphical book for children that adults will find themselves joining in and having fun with letters.

Each double page spread has a different activity for children, from scribbling, cutting out, creating, designing posters and packaging, and even creating your own alphabet. There's so much to do within this dense and heavy book that makes letters exciting - Use letters to construct famous landmarks, dig letters out of snow, or escape a labyrinth of letters.

Alphadoodler encourages children to use their imagination by either writing, drawing, scribbling, creating and much more. Created by Jan Bajtlik who is an illustrator, graphic designer and typographer - He has created a stylish book that has a limited use of colour - it's all mostly black and white with splashes of neon colour. It's fun and exciting and I know adults will want to join in!
Available here.

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