Thursday, 11 February 2016

Interview with Jonny Lambert

Jonny grew up in Surrey and always knew he wanted to be an artist of some sort. Encouraged by his art tutor at the Reigate School of Art and Design, Jonny is now an artist of many sorts: a talented illustrator with over 300 titles to his name, designer, paper engineer and most recently, Group Design Director at Templar Publishing. He lives with his wife, daughter and a menagerie of animals in West Sussex.

BWB: Little Why is about an adorable baby elephant that gets distracted by all the other animals he comes across. What gave you the idea?
JL: Little Why is a reflection of our daughter when she was a toddler. A 'Why?' toddler! Exuberant, into everything, questioning our every move and giving you that long fixed stare of 'I don't believe you', when you try to answer!

BWB: Was there any reason you picked an elephant?
JL: A simple answer...I've always loved elephants! They are just one of the most amazingly magnificent animals we have the privilege of 'walking' alongside.

BWB: What's your favourite animal to draw? And which is the most tricky for you?
JL: It has to be the elephant, however I do love drawing bears. There aren't many animals I haven't drawn in some form or other, though I find monkey's really tricky.

BWB: Collage or paint?
JL: Both. I love making marks with anything I find, and using them as tools to push, scrape, daub, scratch and tickle paint. Once dried, these paint patches are the start of the art work creation.

BWB: Are you allowed to let us know what's currently on your drawing board?
JL: My third picture book idea...which is taking shape...a pile of exciting book design work to be done, and a bag of mints!

Thanks to Jonny and Antonia for arranging this interview. Jonny's latest book, Little Why is available on the Little Tiger website.

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