Thursday, 11 February 2016

Little Why

Little Why

By Jonny Lambert
Published by Little Tiger Press

Little Why is written and illustrated by the talented Jonny Lambert, who illustrated the recently reviewed I Love You More and More. Little Why just can't stay in line, and no wonder, there's so much to see!

Little Why is meant to be walking in line in-between the Elders but he spots a Wildebeest and wants some special horns as well, so that he would look super scary but when he asks, he is told "No" and to "Keep in line!" He soon spots a tall Giraffe and wants long-lofty legs like the giraffe so he can be super tall, but is once again told to "Keep in line!"After spotting a few more animals and not being back in line, Little Why spots a Crocodile, with a snippy-snappy snout...SNAP! It's a close call for this little Elephant and he is once again told to stay in line. Soon he is told to stop, why? Because they have finally reached the watering hole, where all the other animals are. Little Why is told that he had big flappy ears and a super-squirty trunk, great for splashing with, and he is special just the way he is. 

I enjoyed this little story, Little Why is just like an inquisitive toddler, excitable to discover the interesting animal found in the African savannah. This book could also be used to introduce themes of positive body image and the dangers of little ones running away.

I like Jonny Lambert's style, his illustrations are stylish and striking with the white backgrounds, making the textures stand out. The animals are very cute and easily recognisable for children. Recommended for ages 3-6.

The last page spread is my favourite as I love the below image of Little Why and his parent and the last few words "... you're special just the way you are!" A lovely ending for this sweet picture book.
Little Why will be available from the 11th February in all good bookshops and online here.

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