Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Hilda and the Midnight Giant

Hilda and the Midnight Giant

By Luke Pearson
Published by Flying Eye Books

Hilda and the Midnight Giant is the second book in the Hilda series. Like Hilda and the Troll, The Midnight Giant has just been published in paperback and Luke has given it a fresh new cover (as seen above). 

Like the first title, we're pretty much thrown into a story with Hilda and her mother receiving threatening messages from creatures they cannot see. An annoyed Hilda responds with a message of her own which results in the invisible creatures vandalising her home. Her mother is willing to move to the city, but a determined Hilda wants to get to the bottom of why these creatures dislike them so. And with the help of one of the creatures, Hilda discovers that they're invisible elves, which she can now see (after signing a stack load of paperwork). And that her family home is smack bang in the middle of elf country and that the elves are no longer going to entertain these humans who need to move or else!

The second story arc in this book is about the Midnight Giant, who Hilda always catches lurking in the distance. Eventually she manages to catch him and see why he's creeping her out with his appearances every night. And being the friendly kind of giant, he explains that he's mean to be meeting a female giant, a time that was agreed on 4000 years earlier. 

Pearson's artwork in this second outing has visually evolved. You can notice the confidence in his line work and the way he sets up scenes. The colour palette again is spot on, with beautiful colours used for the day and night scenes. I also love how he interprets each new character, the Midnight Giant is a visual treat for the eyes. The invisible elves are also well thought out, with a on running joke about them not having hands.

Another great title, and a gem all ages will enjoy. You can't help but love these books, Pearson's stories get better with each book, so book five will be another treat for the eyes! Hilda and the Midnight Giant is available to buy in hard and paperback from Flying Eye Books. Tune in tomorrow when I review the third in the series, Hilda and the Bird Parade.

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