Monday, 29 February 2016

New York, New York!

New York, New York!

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A few weeks a go, I recently enjoyed a trip to New York - It was our first time to the States and we loved it. Everything was big! The people were friendly and everyone loved Aoife. When taking a baby away, suitcases are usually full with everything you think you will need but I did manage to cram these two books into my suitcase.. and of course a little taxi.

Aoife spotted this little book, Busy Baby: FRIENDS - She loved being able to spin the baby's face around to change his expression. It's cute, bright and fun! And kept Aoife entertained while in restaurants.

I wanted The 50 States as I thought it would be a good book to help teach Aoife (and myself) about all the States and where they are located. It's filled with interesting facts and is a nice taster in exploring the USA. Love the illustrations and typography used.

We experienced sunshine and snow while out there but it didn't stop us enjoying the city. We shall definitely be back New York!

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