Wednesday, 2 March 2016



By Claudia Boldt
Published by Tate Publishing

Outfoxed is the humorous tale about a fox with a conscience. Harold is a smart little fox but finds himself facing a dilemma and his very own mystery to solve.

Meet Harold, he loves swiss cheese and his biggest dream is to be a detective but Harold's father believes it's time for him to catch a chicken. Harold knows where to find one and after catching one he's eager to show his father, but while explaining to the chicken that he doesn't plan to eat him, in a flash the chicken is gone. It's up to Harold to solve the case. He hunts for clues that lead him to a food van run by two wolves. Harold orders a 'whole chicken, fresh, not cooked,' and takes off with the chicken on a stolen donkey. He explains to his father that he outfoxed the two wolves and leaves the impression that he ate the chicken but really the chicken is long gone.. safely on a train!

Filled with colour, texture and patterns, there's hardly a white page in sight, which I like as there's a lovely uniqueness to the book. Not your normal picture book size, this small book has a lovely feel to it. The story starts as soon as you open the cover, no end papers here. 

Outfoxed is recommended for ages 4+ and is aimed at encouraging independent thinking. Children will enjoy following Harold and helping him solve his very own mystery.
Available in all good book shops and online here.

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