Wednesday, 2 March 2016



By Jean Jullien
(Text collaboration by Gwendal Le Bec)
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Ralf. is a heartwarming and surreal book from the French graphic designer Jean Jullien. This bold book is about a little dog that seems to be always getting in the family's way and shouted at a lot but it's soon up to him to save the day. 

After getting under the family's feet too many times, he is told to get out. While sleeping in his kennel, the house is too quiet and smoke soon tickles Ralf's nose. It's up to Ralf to help and as he rushes into the house, his bum gets stuck in the door! If Ralf doesn't do something quickly, the house will burn down. He pulls so hard that he begins to stretch and stretch and is able to reach upstairs but he can't wake anyone up and has to hunt down help. The firefighters tackle the fire but to save the family they have to slide down Ralf's back. Ralf saves the day but he's now a very long dog! 

This book is a nice shape and good for little hands to hold. The story is short but there's just enough words to keep a child's attention as the illustrations are clear, bold and could easily explain the story just by themselves. I like the use of the thick black outline for all of the characters and objects, which makes them pop out. 

This heartwarming book will have any child cheering on little Ralf - Ralf. is available in all good bookshops and online here.

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