Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Peekaboo 123 / Peekaboo A to Z

Peekaboo 123 / Peekaboo A to Z

Illustrated by Gareth Lucas
Published by Little Tiger Press

Meet the latest range of concept books from Little Tiger Press, Peekaboo 123 and Peekaboo A to Z are illustrated by Gareth Lucas and feature a crazy cast of animals partnered with fun and humorous alliterative text. 

Peekaboo 123 features an 'Animal Antics' race, starting with 'One polar bear on a pogo stick', ' Two turkeys on a tandem' and 'Three gorillas in a gondola', it's a race filled with a range of animals racing to get to the finished line. From 1 - 20, it then jumps to the numbers 30, 40, 50 and ends at 100. There's also a zebra commentator cheering on the animal contestants. The numbers are printed in large number and word format on each tab, which stands out nicely against the background. Great for encouraging an early awareness of numbers, this book will definitely get children chuckling with the crazy animal antics.

Peekaboo A to Z is a fun alphabet book featuring a mad menagerie of animals. Under each flap features an animal up to something fun from an alligator admiring some art, an elephant eating an egg to a panda pretending to be a pirate. Mr Zebra also pops up again eagerly awaiting his turn. Each flap features the letter and animal with the name of the animal printed alongside the flap. The same typeface of the animal's name is used again under the flap, which for older children may help with word recognition.

These two books are aimed at ages 1-4, and Aoife was no exception to enjoying these chunky board books. She enjoys lifting the flaps, as they are large enough for little fingers to lift, and will flick through these books by herself. I'm currently using these book to identify animals as she wants to turn the pages to quickly for me to read out loud but I'm sure it won't be too long before she's laughing out loud at the collection of these fun and quirky animals.

Peekaboo 123 and Peekaboo A to Z will be available from the 10th March in all good bookshops or online here.

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