Friday, 2 September 2016

Dogs In Cars

Dogs In Cars

By Emmanuelle Walker & Felix Massie
Published by Flying Eye Books

Do you like dogs? Do you also like cars? Well you are certainly in for a treat! Dogs In Cars comes from illustration duo Emmanuelle Walker and Felix Massie who create something that's very fresh and funny.

Join these canine critters as they zoom around town in their dogmobiles. Count to 100 through the many breeds of dogs from French bulldogs to Great Danes, as they wreak havoc upon the streets in their recognisable locomotives!

Emmanuelle Walker's illustrations are gorgeous. Each car and dog breed is meticulously designed, all drawn at the same angle as they continue on their rhyming counting journey. Sleek sportsters, a cement truck, a posh Bentley and even a tiny Smart car are just some of the vehicles you'll find crammed on to each page. This may be a book full of dogs (for all those dog lovers) but there's a little surprise for cat lovers in this dogtastic book too...

I particularly love the nods to popular culture, with the DeLorean from the Back to the Future films making an appearance and old english sheepdogs being covered in Dulux paint! The book ends with a brief list of things to go back and count again (just if you needed another reason to have a flick through!). A fun counting book for parents and children to read together or simply just a fun book for us adults who love dogs and cars!

Dogs In Cars is available to buy now at all good bookshops and from the Flying Eye Books website.

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