Friday, 9 September 2016



By Tracey Corderoy and Tim Warnes 
Published by Little Tiger Press

Archie is back! The fourth in the Archie series following No!, Why? and More! Any parents with impatient toddlers will be able to relate to this book!

Archie is finding waiting a little bit hard and wants everything now! Filling up the paddling pool is taking too long, unwrapping presents is taking too long, waiting for artwork to dry is just too long for little Archie. But when his parents announce they're going on holiday in a few days time, Archie has to learn patience, with the help of some distractions of course.

Now! Is just as funny as the previous books, and with an adorable but mischievous Archie, you can't help but love him. A picture book that can be used to discuss patience with your little ones. It’s available ‘Now!’ at all good bookshops and online at Little Tiger Press.

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