Tuesday, 6 September 2016



By Jill Murphy 
Published by Walker Books

If you're a parent then you're more than likely familiar with the almighty 'Meltdown' - when a toddler sees something they want and they want it now, whatever the cost! From the award-winning author and illustrator, Jill Murphy, comes a laugh out loud picture book about a very explosive tantrum!

Ruby the rabbit likes to be helpful, but she often gets a bit overexcited … especially in the supermarket. Crisps are so CRUNCHY! Tins of beans are fun to ROLL! And when Ruby sees a cake, a cake in the shape of a cute pink piggy, she wants it … she wants it now.

Meltdown! shows family life in all it's imperfect glory - but in a very humorous way. The story is very warm and full of wit and you can't but feel a little bit sorry for Ruby as she spots a cake she just needs to eat there and then. Jill's illustrations are fun and cute and she even manages to make a cute bunny rabbit look rather scary! A lovely book for children and parents to enjoy together and maybe reminisce over a time they would rather forget!

Meltdown! is available to buy now from all good bookshops and from the Walker Books website here.

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