Tuesday, 27 September 2016

We Found A Hat

We Found A Hat

By Jon Klassen 
Published by Walker Books

Jon Klassen returns with the final chapter of the 'Hat' trilogy. This time round two turtles find a very good looking hat in the desert...

Two turtles have found a hat. They found it together. The hat looks good on both of them. But there is only one hat. We Found A Hat is a hilarious and heart felt story about friendship and what is really more important than a good looking hat. 

Unlike the previous 'Hat' books the story is spilt in to three parts, giving it a slight 'film noir' tone. The story is perfectly paced and delivers visual comedy and deadpan humour that Jon Klassen excels at.  

For Jon Klassen fans this is the momentous book they have all been waiting for. Much like the previous books, We Found A Hat has the same tone we have become familiar with in Jon's work. His use of expressive eyes and heavily textured artwork. the book is beautifully designed with classical feeling typography and a rich feeling colour palette. You can't help loving the characters Jon creates, and the turtles in this book are just as lovable. Beautifully rendered in a harsh and hostile environment, the turtles eyes help direct the humour with the absolute minimal of actions. 

Jon has created a tale full of friendship and longing that, in its own quiet way, is deeply moving. This final book is about friendship and knowing when to make the right choice, even if that hat does look darn good on you. It may be the last book of this kind, but I'm sure Jon has a lot more of these classics under his hat...

A happy ending (no animals being eaten in this one!) to a perfect trilogy. We Found A Hat is available to buy in the UK from the 11th October. To pre-order this book visit the Walker Books website here. If you want to know more about Jon and his 'Hat' books, check out my Q&A with him here.

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