Saturday, 10 September 2016

Mr Mustachio

Mr Mustachio

By Yasmin Finch & Abigail Tompkins 
Published by Maverick Publishing

This is the debut book from creative duo Yasmin Finch and Abigail Tompkins and tells the tale of a man with the longest, most wondrous moustache you have ever seen!

Mr Mustachio has the most fantabulous moustache. When he goes out he marches prodly down the street as he moustache flies wildly in the wind. Tall children have to duck beneath it, small children try to snatch it and birds like to nest in it. One day Mr Mustachio goes for a picnic in the local park and gets a little carries away on the roundabout, with his wondrous moustache becoming tangled all over the place. He becomes stuck fast and needs someone to help him untangle. Everyone comes to try and help but it's no good and eventually the only way to free him is to snip his moustache off!

A fun story about lost and change, Mr Mustachio tries his best to hold on to something he loves but eventually needs to call defeat and embrace change. A wonderfully quirky story that is sure to bring a chuckle at bedtime and to encourage children to try new things.

Mr Mustachio is available to buy now at all good bookshops and online from the Maverick books website here.

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