Monday, 9 January 2017

Blown away

Blown away

By Rob Biddulph
Published by Harper Collins

This tale about a penguin is the debut book from author/illustrator Rob Biddulph. Blown Away is a Waterstones Children's Book winning tale and well deserved too! 

It’s a windy day, and Penguin Blue has a brand new kite – but where’s he going on this maiden flight? Penguin Blue and his friends go on a gloriously illustrated adventure full of good ideas, homesickness and the perils of kites.

The problem with kites is that when they work well they really do take flight. And this unlucky penguin gets taken along for the ride! Penguin Blue isn't the only passenger, with his penguin pals coming along as well as a seal and a polar bear. They all end up in the jungle which isn't really quite right for animals that are more used to colder climates. They find a way of using a dingy and a new kite made from leaves they gather in the jungle to get back home to weather they're more used to.

Blown Away is an enjoyable tale that's perfect for this colder time of year. It's one that my little one enjoys snuggled up under the bedcovers - especially when its a particular chilly night! Full of great characters, detailed illustration and an adventurous rhyming story, it will be read again and again.

Blown away is available to buy in hardback and paperback editions from all good booksellers and from the Harper Collins website. Check out my interview with Rob here.

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