Monday, 9 January 2017

Mr Tweed’s Busy Day

Mr Tweed’s Busy Day

By Jim Stoten 
Published by Flying Eye Books

You might also know this book as Mr Tweed's Good Deeds - the hardback edition of the first search-and-find adventure from Jim Stoten. It's now available in paperback with attractive new cover art, another reason to go and have a look if you haven't already discovered Mr Tweed and his super finding abilities.

Mr. Tweed sets out on his afternoon stroll, but soon finds some friends in need of his help. Can you come to his aid and help him find what they are looking for? Hidden in pages of vibrant colour and highly detailed illustrations lie a variety of different objects waiting to be discovered! Stoten’s wonderfully whimsical designs will enchant young readers into this fun and quirky world where counting is made easy.

Obviously this isn't the first children's book that gives the reader the challenge to search and find objects/people within busy environments. What makes Mr Tweed stand out is the vibrant illustrations and the pure level of detail. The book has a lovely retro feel to it, harking back to animation like Mr Benn and The Magic Roundabout. I adore Jim's style - the colours and fine line work perfectly together along with creating an amusing story to tie the search and find spreads together. My 2 year old loved finding the objects on each page - it kept her amused longer than most picture books, so a big thumbs up from her!

Mr Tweed's Good Deeds Mr Tweed's Busy Day (paperback) is available to buy now from all good booksellers and direct from the Flying Eye Books website.

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