Monday, 9 January 2017

One Minute

One Minute

By Somin Ahn 
Published by Chronicle Books

This is the debut book from picture book creator and illustrator, Somin Ahn. This book will show you how important 60 seconds really is! 

In one minute, you can blink your eyes twenty times, hug your dog, plant seeds, say good-bye, watch the rain, or even save a life. So much can occur in this sliver of time—one minute can feel like a singular experience. This poignant picture book is at once an introduction to time for young readers, an ode to living each moment with purpose, and a thoughtful exploration of how children experience one minute (may it seem short or long) playfully, profoundly, and with a boundless sense of possibility.

This picture book could be read in a minute, or you could choose to take your time and stay on each page for a minute. As much as it is simple, it is also very deep and meaningful. We never give much thought to short amounts of time, and here this picture book looks at how much a minute can matter. A minute can be short when we are having fun and not paying much attention to the clock and at other times it can be very long - especially if its during a trip to the dentist! A thought provoking book from a new talent, I will look forward to seeing more books from Somin in the future. 

One Minute is a gorgeous book, filled with whimsical illustrations along with a touching outlook on how if just one minute can affect all of our lives. One Minute is available to buy now at all good booksellers and online from Chronicle Books.

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