Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Lumberjack's Beard

The Lumberjack's Beard

By Duncan Beedie
Published by Templar Publishing

There's some great picture books coming out this year that have important messages, and The Lumberjack's Beard is no exception. A heartwarming story with a very green message.

Meet big Jim Hickory, a lumberjack that does what normal lumberjacks do; cut down trees. Every day is the same, get up, exercise, eat a hearty breakfast of pancakes, grab his trusty axe, head out to the forest and CHOP-CHOPPETY-CHOP, he felled trees after trees. But one evening, he has a knock at his door, it's a very angry bird who now has no where to live. Jim invites the angry bird to move into his beard. After another day of work, he receives another upset visitor, a fed up looking porcupine which Jim also invites to move into his beard. 

That isn't the end of upset visitors, after a day off floating tree trunks down the river, he ruins a beaver's home and has to offer the beaver a home in his beard. Jim soon can't sleep, with all the chirping, and can't eat his pancakes as the beaver's tail knocks it to the floor. Jim has had enough and knows what he must do. He shaves of his beard and makes a cosy den for the animals to move into but after a lot more thinking he has another brilliant idea and grabs his trusty shovel to dig hole after hole and plant tree after tree. Jim's beard and  trees take quite a long time to grow but it's well worth the wait.

A lovely little picture book that will encourage children to think about the consequences of cutting down trees and what can happen to animals and their homes. Children will especially love the inventive new home for the animals. Fun illustrations with a nice colour palette and a good variety of page layouts. 

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