Thursday, 26 January 2017

Leaping Lemmings!

Leaping Lemmings!

By John Briggs
Illustrated by Nicola Slater
Published by Stirling Children's Books

Leaping Lemmings! a fun filled Lemmings book that will remind children (and adults), that it's okay to be different.

Do you think lemmings look alike, sound alike and act alike?  Well, usually that's true but not for one, Larry! Larry likes to do things a little differently; when all the lemmings were deep in their tunnels, Larry went sledding. Larry likes to order pizza, bang on his bongos. He's a lemming that likes to be different but he knows he doesn't fit in so tries to live with other animals. This doesn't go to plan so rushes back to the other lemmings and just in time! He saves them from jumping of a cliff. 

"If all you friends jumped off a cliff, would you?"

After the near death experience, Larry is pleased to see all his friends thinking for themselves - This is a great book that's funny and sweet but one that also reminds children that its okay to be different and to think for yourself!

The illustrations are just as fun, with bold, colourful illustrations and adorable lemmings. They are very cute, it would be hard not to follow them around.

This is a charming book that you and your children will very much enjoy reading together and  also for encouraging discussions about thinking for yourself. 

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