Monday, 6 July 2015

Captain Falsebeard in a Very Fishy Tale

Captain Falsebeard in a Very Fishy Tale

By Fred Blunt 
Published by Puffin

This is Fred Blunt's picture book debut, and what a treasure it is! 

The story begins with Captain Falsebeard discovering the legendary Crossbone Treasure, and him and his loyal crew rowing it back to their ship, the Pretty Polly. But it isn't long until a mean looking parrot spills all to Captain Falsebeard's arch enemy, Admiral Swinetoes!

So Admiral Swinetoes hatches a fool proof plan to steal the booty from Captain Falsebeard, with hilarious consequences. A mermaid is caught by the crew of the Pretty Polly and it isn't long until the mermaid is revealed as one of Swinetoes crew. The treasure is taken and Captain Falsebeard quickly discovers that Swinetoes is behind the nickin' of his new found wealth. But with the use of a flock of parrots, an invasion is sent towards Swinetoes and its not a pretty one! With Admiral Swinetoes covered from head to toe in parrot poop, Captain Falsebeard reclaims his treasure and the crew celebrate with a spot of fishing (avoiding any catching of mermaids).

I couldn't help but have the Captain Pugwash theme tune play in my head as I read this (even as I'm writing this review the tune is on autorepeat in my noggin!). Fred's illustrations are bold, energetic and full of character, and I can see a string of great picture books to come from this great talent. Children of all ages will find fun, adventure, buckets of pirate talk and cheeky laughs on every page - the parrot poo incident towards the end had me in chuckles.

I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear from Captain Falsebeard, I can see a franchise forming on the seven seas! And if you'd like to win a place at the book launch aboard the Golden Hinde later this month, simply tweet a photo (using hashtags #CaptainFalsebeard #SuperfanGood) of your child dressed as a pirate with a false beard for the possibility of winning a ticket aboard the mighty galleon on launch night or a signed book. Good luck me hearties! 

Captain Falsebeard in a Very Fishy Tale is available to buy in all good bookshops and online at the Puffin website.

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