Monday, 6 July 2015

The Whopper

The Whopper

By Rebecca Ashdown 
Published by Templar Publishing

From this eye catching cover comes a very amusing story about when a little white lie becomes a WHOPPER! 

Percy loves getting presents but when his Grandma comes to visit her present of a knitted jumper doesn't go down well. So instead of wearing it he puts it on the family dog and takes him out for a walk. It isn't long until the jumper is ruined and has to be binned. When his mother inquires into what happened to the jumper, Percy tells a lie and to his surprise his lie turns into a small monster called 'The Whopper'. The little hairy monster follows Percy everywhere, but luckily only children can see it so his parents are unaware of this new inhabitant to their home.

But things only get worst for Percy when the Whopper starts to grow and get hungry. So hungry in fact that he eats Percy whole! The Whopper then takes over Percy's life, wearing his school uniform, eating his breakfast and going to school in his place. There's only one thing for it, if Percy wants to get his life back and get rid of the Whopper, he needs to tell the truth. When he finally finds the courage to tell his mum, the whopper shrinks and fades away, leaving Percy back to normal and with a weight off his shoulders. And to ease his guilt even more, he writes a letter to his Grandma explaining what happened to the jumper she gave him - although in doing so he ends up with another one!

This is a great way to tackle the subject of telling those little white lies and instead telling the truth, especially when those lies can get out of hand. The visual representation of a monster is genius and the fact it takes over Percy's life explains how much it's taking over everything he does. Rebecca's illustrations are energetic and colourful and Grandma's knitted jumpers are hideous, so I don't really blame Percy for putting it on the dog! Overall a lovely humorous story with real heart that's great for the summer holidays.

The Whopper is available to buy in all good bookshops and online from the usual websites.

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