Friday, 24 July 2015



By Steve Smallman and illustrated by Ada Grey
Published by Little Tiger Press

We’re celebrating award-winning author Steve Smallman and Ada Grey’s Poo in the Zoo this week, and here's another laugh out loud book by the talented duo - Hippobottymus. It’s fun, it’s bonkers and features a farting surprise!

When Mouse sits down by a bubbling creek, the creek loudly bubbles which made Mouse squeak, squeak, SQUEAK! The bubbling and the squeak make a great song and soon Bird wants to sing along and Centipede too, tapping a beat with his tappity feet. Other animals want to join in once they hear the music; there’s a monkey crying “Woo-hoo” and a Warthog banging on his bottom like a big bass drum, and finally being joined by Crocodile, playing on his teeth like a xylophone with a bone. All of the animals are having fun, dancing and making music all day long. Mouse thanks everyone, but who was making the bubbling sound?…It’s Hippo. But Mouse and all of the other animals don’t realise it was Hippo until he explains that he had beans in the week and his bottom has been parping and making bubbles in the creek!

Hippobottymus is very funny and has a musical rhyming story that will get you singing along to the musical noises with the little ones. I found myself singing out loud and getting louder as each animal joins in. I especially love the end, reading Hippo’s reason for his trumping and parping bottom. Ada Grey’s lively illustrations work really well with this funny story too, bringing extra humour to the pages.

Like Poo in the Zoo, Hippobottymus is packed full with laughs! Available in all good book shops and online from Little Tiger Press

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