Monday, 20 July 2015

Poo in the Zoo

Poo in the Zoo

By Steve Smallman & illustrated by Ada Grey
Published by Little Tiger Press

There’s too much poo in the zoo and Zoo Keeper Bob is exhausted. There’s tiger poo, lion poo, prickly porcupine poo, plummeting giraffe poo and even bouncy kangaroo poo! Steve Smallman and Ada Grey are back with their latest, hilarious book, Poo in the Zoo. What will Keeper Bob do when a mysterious glowing poo turns up, is it from outer space? Children will love this fun, poopy picture book.

Join Bob McGrew, a keeper at the zoo. Keeper Bob loves animals but it’s not always fun working at the zoo because he has to push around a cart all day shovelling up the POO! There is so much poo; Lion’s poo, bouncy kangaroo’s poo, drippy droppings from a fat wombat, flying bits of bat’s poo and a pongy pat of panda poo. But when it’s time to muck out Iguana’s enclosure, a tired Keeper Bob slips on a banana, and a cheeky Iguana makes a run for it. The Iguana causes havoc in the cafeteria, eating everything in sight, including lime lollies and all the cake from the cake stand and he think’s he can’t eat any more when he spots some sparkly fireflies and gobbles them up as well. Iguana’s bum starts to glow, and with a funny face he plopped a huge, glowing poop on the floor. Shocked at the poo, Iguana soon dashes back to his cage. 

When Zoo Keeper Bob finds the huge glowing poo, he’s never seen a poo like this and thinks it must be from outer space. It isn’t long before everyone has heard about the glowing poo and flock to see it. A Hector Gloop turns up who is a poo collector and wants to show Keeper Bob his Poo Museum. Filled with huge poos, tiny poos, even mammoth and a rare dragon poo, Hector Gloop wants to buy the glowing poo. Keeper Bob sold the poop and spends the money wisely on a robot pooper scooper. No more scooping poop for Keeper Bob McGrew.

Poo in the Zoo is hilariously funny, and with a rhyming text, you will enjoy reading this out loud to little ones with its cheeky word play. Ada Grey’s illustrations are bold, with cute fun characters and she has managed to illustrate all of the different types of poo rather tastefully! 

This poop filled picture book will have you and your little ones roaring with laughter at all of the poo antics that goes on at Bob McGrew’s zoo. Recommend at ages 3+, you can buy Poo in the Zoo at all good bookshops or online here. Visit the blog all this week for more Poo in the Zoo fun, with an exclusive interview from Steve Smallman tomorrow. There will also be the opportunity to win a signed copy of the book which I'll announce on my twitter account today, so get following to find out more!

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