Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Boris Babysits!

Boris Babysits!

By Sam Lloyd
Published by Templar Publishing

Boris is back and this time he's been given a job to do, Babysit! Boris is babysitting for monster baby. The problem is he really isn't very good at it. He needs your help in this new fun novelty book.

If you're new to Boris, he's a very loving little monster! Orange, hairy and over-enthusiastic, Boris means well, but always ends up getting carried away and spoiling things. In his second outing he gets to babysit and as always Boris tries his best but he's not at all good at it. Monster Mummy goes shopping and Boris is left in charge. His idea of babysitting is to eat sweeties and watch telly all day! Of course we want to help Boris do the right thing, so using the furry baby monster you can help and put baby in the right place. Throughout the book Boris gets in a pickle, but you can help guide baby to make sure everything goes okay. Filled with fun colourful illustrations, this is one fun read for parents and children to enjoy together.

Boris Babysits! is a fun follow-up to Calm Down Boris! Children will love the cute furry monster that they can interact with on every page, a great idea to get them involved in the story (and to help silly Boris out!). Boris Babysits! is out now at all good bookshops and from the Templar website.

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