Thursday, 11 August 2016

Hug Me

Hug Me

By Simona Ciraolo
Published by Flying Eye Books

A little cactus is in need of a hug but none of his family are the hugging type. Will he find a friend that he can get a cuddle from?

In her debut picture book, Simona tells a heartwarming story about loneliness and finding friendship. The story is full of wit, with even Felipe's first unwanted hug being targeted towards a huge yellow balloon! (don't worry the balloon survived the ordeal!). Felipe's adventure to find a hug (and a friend) takes him through the desert until he finds someone crying for the same reason. He finds a huggable friend in the form of a rock. I guess a stone is sometimes the most solid friend you'll ever need! 

This was Simona's debut for Flying Eye and its an instant classic. Full of endearing illustrations and one of the most lovable cactus' I have ever laid eyes on! A lovely story to share and have a cuddle with if you're even needing that hug like Felipe! If you'd like to know more about Simona do check out the recent interview I had with her here. Hug Me is available in all good bookshops and from Flying Eye Books here.

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