Friday, 19 August 2016

Hilda And The Stone Forest

Hilda And The Stone Forest

By Luke Pearson
Published by Flying Eye Books

Hilda is back for her fifth adventure and what a thrilling adventure awaits! Filled with a host of characters from the previous instalments, this is definitely a welcome return for everybody's favourite blue haired adventurer.  

Hilda is spending more time outside than inside and her mother doesn't approve of her constant adventure seeking. The story begins with Hilda chasing a piece of earth that has four legs, on top is the house of a family of invisible tiny elves. Hilda eventually outsmarts the runaway turf and returns the house to its village, with Hilda now feeling responsible for the helpless invisible folk that live there - she's somewhat become a Superhero to them that constantly saves the day.

With Hilda rarely at home, her mother starts to get anxious about where Hilda is spending all her time. Things come to a boiling point when Hilda gets grounded for sneaking out to take a flight on the huge talking raven and after days of being stuck inside, Hilda can't take anymore and decides to use Tontu to slip away to see the fireworks at the Bird Parade. It's only when she's stepping through a crack in the wall that her mother comes in to make amends and they end up in the stone forest. 

Hilda, twig and her mother embark on a way to get back to Trolberg, but instead find trolls and lots of them. They get discovered when a baby troll sniffs them out and mayhem erupts when the other trolls are alerted of their presence. Luckily, by using a pile of food the trolls have stolen, Hilda, Twig and her mother manage to sneak out and see Trolberg in the distance. But their ordeal isn't over yet when Twig is left behind and Hilda's mother returns to save Twig from a two headed troll. 

Inside the trolls world, Hilda's mum quickly gets stuck in what looks like a dead end and its Hilda's impatience that gets her out. A chase from the two headed troll has Hilda and company on a run for their lives, but not all trolls are bad, as Hilda's mum finds out. With a troll and it's offspring putting them up for the night and helping them find the outside world again her faith is restored - but what will the next morning bring? 

Hilda And The Stone Forest is another thrilling instalment to the series and ends on a cliffhanger that will have you wanting the next book already (please hurry Luke!). If you're a fan already (and if you're not, why not?) you won't need a review to tell you how brilliant this series is, but be rest-assured that Luke's art is once again top notch and Flying Eye have pulled out all the stops to create a beautiful book to present it all (the usual spot varnish cover with cloth spine adorns the hardcover). All in all a must buy for young and old, Hilda is a great read for one and all. Hilda And The Stone Forest is out the 1st September in all good bookshops and available to buy on the Flying Eye Books website

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