Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Interview with Chris Haughton

Chris Haughton is an Irish designer and illustrator. He was listed in Time Magazine's DESIGN 100 for the work he’s done for fair trade company People Tree. Chris has published four books and one app. His books, A BIT LOST, OH NO GEORGE!, SHH! we have a plan and Goodnight Everyone have been translated into more than 24 languages and won awards in 10 countries such as Dutch Picturebook of the Year, the Childrens Book Ireland Bisto Award and the Association of Illustrators award.

BWB: Why did you choose bears to be the main focus in Goodnight Everyone?

CH: The book is about scale, about tiredness growing and growing and so the main characters needed to be largest animals in the forest. And so there is a connection to the constellations of Ursa Major and minor. 

BWB: Goodnight Everyone is your fourth book for Walker. Have you found that your process has changed since your debut, A Bit Lost?

CH: Not so much really! The first book was done with a Korean publisher. Walker has edited the other three. They have all taken about 2 years to make. And started and developed in similar ways. 

BWB: What inspires your colour palettes?

CH: I just pick one or two colours that I like and add a few harmonious colours and just take it from there. I just try to make it as colourful as possible but while also making it cohesive.

BWB: Who's your favourite fictional bear?

CH: Pooh.

BWB: You collaborate with a lot of illustrators. If you were to create a picture book with one other illustrator who would that be?

CH: Jon Klassen ....or maybe Beatrice Alemagna ...or Sanna Annukka. 

Thank you Chris for being part of this Q&A! If you'd like to know more about Chris' process on Goodnight Everyone take a look at the blog post on his site here.

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