Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Don't Cross the Line!

Don't Cross the Line!

By Bernardo Carvalho & Isabel Martins
Published by Gecko Press

Are you a rule breaker? Do you walk on the grass when you're not supposed to? Or play ball games when they're frown upon? Don't Cross The Line! is a picturebook that tells the story of a rule that people don't understand why they should obey it.

The guard always follows the general’s orders without question. This time, the order is that no one must cross the line. The right-hand page of this book must be kept blank for the general. As the crowd builds up on the border, the guard is under pressure. If no one is allowed onto the next page, what will happen to the story? After the guard is endlessly asked why no one can cross the line/page, it takes a bouncing ball to break the system and allow a revolution to begin!

Artfully designed with the right hand page of the book being completely blank for 8 pages, enforcing the message that that page is 'Free'. It really is a powerful book that children and adults will gain a lot from.

Isabel's illustrations are colourful and very lively. She uses a number of styles for the many characters (sixty in all) that appear throughout the book, with the endpapers listing each one with their name. I spotted a few that I recognised from the film world - see if you can spot the character inspired by E.T. My favourite is a astronaut that starts to run out of air as he's stuck on the left page. Once he crosses it he finally manages to open his helmet so he can breath easy.

Don't Cross the Line! is available to buy now at all good bookshops and online at the Gecko Press website.

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