Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Super Rabbit

Super Rabbit

By Stephanie Blake
Published by Gecko Press

Is it a bird?, is it a plane? No, it's Simon that cheeky rabbit back in another funny, tantrum filled picture book from best selling Stephanie Blake. 

Once there was a little rabbit... “I’m not a LITTLE rabbit! I’m Super Rabbit!” Simon is not afraid of anything. He’s Super Rabbit! From flying (jumping) from his bed in the morning and landing on the family cat with a thud. Simon is no longer a little rabbit, but a super rabbit that's out to find supervillains and save the day. On his adventure outside, he comes across a hollow tree, Simon goes in and investigates. It's not long until he's calling for his mummy to come and save him. A piece of sword has got stuck in his finger (a splinter from the tree, for the rest of us) and he needs mummy to help remove it. After its removed his mummy praises him for being a very brave rabbit. Simon then uses his splinter for the good of all - a sword to slay the supervillains! 

Filled with Stephanie's unique style, with bold colours and large easy to read typography, this is another classic edition to the series. Super Rabbit is out now at all good bookshops and to buy on the Gecko Press website.

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