Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Bounce & Jiggle (Baby Gym)

Bounce & Jiggle (Baby Gym)

Illustrated by Sanja Rescek
Published by Child's Play

This little hard back book would make a great gift for any first time mothers because, if you’re like me, you may have forgotten your nursery rhymes! And when you start visiting baby classes and have to join in singing it can be quite embarrassing haven forgotten them!

Bounce & Jiggle is recommended for 0-2 years and covers 5 nursery rhymes; This is the Way Ladies Ride, Humpty Dumpty, Horsey, Horsey, Here we go Looby Lou, and Father and Mother. What makes this a great little book is the suggestions for movement and actions for each rhyme which helps encourage interaction between parent and baby. The added instruction at the bottom of each page is also helpful and being smaller text does not take away too much attention from the rhyme and colourful pictures depicting mothers and babies showing the actions.

If you’re not the best of singers (like me), don’t worry, babies don’t care. But by devoting time to these sort of activities with your baby, it plays a crucial part in the bonding process but also helps babies learn new sounds, words and actions. These activities encourage babies to express their emotions and to enjoy being noisy!

Bounce & Jiggle will help any newbie parent and is a great way to practice in the comfort of your own home. It's available to buy from the Child's Play website here.

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