Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Mouse’s First Night in Moonlight School

Mouse’s First Night in Moonlight School

By Simon Puttock and Illustrated by Ali Pye
Published by Nosy Crow



With Halloween just a few days away, this is another little picture book for the very little ones, recommended for age 2+. Mouse’s First Night in Moonlight School, written by Simon Puttock and illustrated by Ali Pye, is a warming and reassuring tale that would be good for very young children who are about to start school or about to try something new.

Moonlight school is run by Miss Moon, for all wee small creatures of the night. There’s Owl, Cat and Bat, but it’s Mouse’s first night at school and Mouse is very, very shy. Mouse is so nervous, that she gets to school extra early to hide behind the curtains. At registration, no one has seen Mouse and Miss Moon begins looking for her. As Mouse’s mother told her to be good, Mouse gathers the courage to call out and come out from behind the curtains. The other animals congratulate Mouse for hiding very well which gives Miss Moon the idea to suggest a game of hide-and-seek. After Miss Moon finds Owl, Cat and Bat very easily, they all try to find Mouse but where is Mouse hiding? It’s a very good hiding place!

Though this book isn’t scary, this is a night school run by a friendly witch, and you’ll be able to spot the broomstick, spell books and pumpkins in the backgrounds. With very cute animals, there's no chance that your young child will be scared by this sweet reassuring story, but instead be introduced to what may be making those sounds at night.

 Mouse’s First Night in Moonlight School is available to buy in all good bookshops and online at the Nosy Crow shop.

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