Saturday, 11 October 2014

Boxers or Y-Fronts?! Q&A with Claire & Ben

For the Monsters Love Underpants blog tour, I had the pleasure of asking author and illustrator team Claire Freedman and Ben Cort some cheeky underwear related questions...

Claire Freedman had been quietly writing children’s stories for nearly 10 years, when one day she spotted something amazing! A spaceship landed in her neighbour’s back garden and some funny aliens stepped out. Then, would you believe it – they stole the red spotted bloomers hanging on their washing line! Of course she had to write about it – and Aliens Love Underpants was born!

Some of Ben Cort’s favourite things are tin robots, 1960s US comics, photography, sunny Autumn days walking in the woods, being able to wear jeans and t-shirts everyday (he even wore them to his wedding!) and, of course, aliens! He sometimes creates his illustrations with paper and paints and he sometimes creates them using the computer. Ben does lots of fun events at festivals, schools and bookstores across the country so be sure to check the events page of this website to find out where he will be popping up next – oh and don’t forget to bring your pants!

BWB: Have you ever had any underpants mysteriously go missing?

Ben: No, because I keep my pants in an Alien proof safe and they are also all fitted with a tracking device in case they are ever stolen!

Claire: Funny you should ask that question! I did buy a very expensive pair of pants at my favourite store once. They were wrapped in gorgeous tissue paper and everything. BUT - When I got home and unwrapped the parcel - there was the tissue paper, and the receipt, but NO PANTS! Oddly I felt that I was being followed but didn't spot anyone. Must have been those pesky aliens again. Cheeky!

BWB: Who are you favourite monsters in the book? ( I love the yetis)

Ben: I'm fond of all the monsters, but if I had to pick one it would be the hairy blue one with horns on the penultimate spread.

Claire: I'm glad you like the yetis! My favourite monsters are the sea monsters. I like the sound of those blingy jewel encrusted pants!

BWB: This is your seventh book together, what do you like about working together?

Ben: I love that Claire writes books about all my favourite subjects to illustrate such as pirates, monsters, aliens - and pants of course.

Claire: Well, it goes without saying that Ben is a brilliant illustrator. We both seem to be on the same wave length which is so important. I know I can trust him to do his magic with the artwork without worrying about his interpretation of the text. We also do quite a few events together and get on really well, which is great. In fact it's really nice to be able to do events with someone else, as opposed to just being on my own - which can be a bit scary at times. I honestly can't imagine anyone else illustrating the Underpants Books.

BWB: What kind of pants would Godzilla wear?

Ben: Snazzy Y-Fronts.

Claire: A VERY large pair!

BWB: Have you ever had underpants given to you by fans of the books?

Ben: I haven't, but I have signed a few pairs that fans have brought along to festivals.

Claire: Not actual pants - but I have been given drawings of pants by children.

BWB: Boxer or Y-Front?

Ben: Snazzy Boxers.

Claire: Boxer - though I don't know if the aliens would agree with my choice!! I'll have to ask next time I spot one!

Thanks to Ben and Claire for taking the time to answer all my silly questions! Monsters Love Underpants is available to buy now.

Extra Note: Huge apologies for the delay in getting this up live, our whole household has been very unwell with colds, sore throats and other not so nice things! Sniff sniff  :( x  A special apology to the S&S as this post was expected to go up yesterday as part of the Monsters Love Underpants blog tour. Hopefully the monsters won't be too upset... 

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