Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Matilda’s Cat

Matilda's Cat

By Emily Gravett
Published by Macmillan Children's Books

This delightful little 12 page board book is perfect for kids with a pet or those who long for one - Matilda’s Cat is about a little girl trying to find something for her cat to like and play with.

Matilda tries playing with wool, boxes, riding bikes, and even tea parties but her cat is not impressed. So Matilda continues to think of new things, but after trying on funky hats, fighting foes and even reading books about dogs, Matilda’s cat has had enough. So what does Matilda’s cat like to play with? Can you guess? 

This charming book is made even more adorable by Emily’s illustrations which are simple and clean and catches a cat’s expressions so well. Even the hand written text works really well with the pictures.

Even if you’re not a pet lover (or a prefer dogs), you won’t be able to not enjoy this lovely little story and will be amused by the antics that little Matilda will go to to find something that her cat will like!

Matilda's Cat is available now in all good book shops and to buy online.

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