Sunday, 12 October 2014

Snow Day

Snow Day

Written by Richard Curtis, Illustrated by Rebecca Cobb
Published by Puffin

Brrr! With the weather changing and thoughts turning to winter (and the dreaded word, Christmas!), this little charm of a book will remind you of the good old school days when there was a chance of staying home from school to make snowmen and have snow fights! Snow Day, the second collaboration by writer and director Richard Curtis and illustrator Rebecca Cobb (their first being The Empty Stocking); this wintery tale is about finding friendship in the most unexpected of places.

What does the worst student and the strictest teacher equal? A not so great day, especially as little Danny and Mr Trapper are enemies. After a morning of History, English and Science where Danny finds it hard to concentrate, stay awake or even not fall over, its break time and Danny finally gets a chance to build a snowman, as every little girl and boy loves to do. But Danny can’t seem to stop the head from rolling off and after the third time, Mr Trapper has had enough and shows Danny how its properly done! Not just stopping at two snowmen, they build a whole army of snowmen followed by a Geography lesson of building a medieval fort, ice skating in Games, designing an igloo in Maths followed by building it in French - this day turns out to be the best day ever for both of them.

But will this odd friendship last when everyone returns to school the following day?  I won’t spoil it and tell you, you’ll have to read this gem of a book yourself.

Puffin have recommended this book for 5-8 years, and I definitely agree it will be enjoyed by older children. With 40 pages, this is a slightly longer story compared to the standard picture book of 32 pages. And lets not forget the lovely illustrations by the talented Rebecca Cobb, with the use of the mixed media, the pictures enhance the story creating more charm to this heart warming story.

This charming book would make a lovely Christmas gift, definitely a book to be enjoyed all snuggled up with your little ones and a cup off cocoa - you might even look forward to the next snow day! Snow Day is in all good bookshops now and available to buy online.

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