Friday, 31 October 2014

Hubble Bubble series

Hubble Bubble series

By Tracey Corderoy and Illustrated by Joe Berger
Published by Nosy Crow


It’s been spookily fun but we’re ending the Halloween week on this Hubble Bubble series by Tracey Corderoy and illustrated by Joe Berger. If you like a little bit of magic in your life, you and your little ones will love this series (ages 3+). Meet the Granny who’s a witch! 


Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble! 


Meet the Granny who’s kind of different, wears funny hats and has a huge menagerie of cats, frogs and bats who follow her everywhere. 



She likes to eat icky gloopy soup and make things disappear, but if you had a Granny like this, would you want to change her? Would you like her to be like normal Grannies?

This Hubble Bubble tale is about loving people just the way they are.



 Whizz Pop, Granny Stop!


Her Granny is quite different but sometimes her Grand-daughter wishes her Granny was just a little more like her. When her Granny tries to help brush her hair, Whizz! Pop! It goes all pink. Or when Granny tries to help clear out the rabbit cage, Whizz! Pop! Her rabbit disappears.



But with her birthday coming up, she bans her Granny from using magic to help, its time to make things by hand, like bake a cake, sew a birthday dress and even when all the children arrive, Granny helps paint their faces - its just like parties aught to be! But with such a mess left afterwards, its Granny’s magic to the rescue to help tidy up!



Spells-A-Popping! Granny’s Shopping!


Sometimes having a Granny who’s a witch can be quite embarrassing, as her Grand-daughter already knows, but when at the supermarket, things can get quite out of hand, when magic fills the air. Biscuits will dance, popcorn will pop, runner beans will race and monkeys may even appear from bunches of bananas. 


But when her Grand-daughter spots two robbers stealing, it’s her Granny to the rescue, with a giant POP and a chocolate bear, will they stop the robbers from escaping in time?

I really enjoyed this series of magical mishaps, with the fast and fun rhyming text and the magical illustrated pictures. And Joe Berger's illustrations across all the titles are perfectly matched to Tracey's words. Adults and children alike will love these books, especially the underlying message that though her Granny is different her Grand-daughter wouldn’t have her any other way!


If you like this series, the creators have just released the following titles, aimed at ages 6+: Hubble Bubble: The Glorious Granny Bake Off!, Hubble Bubble: The Pesky Pirate Prank! and Hubble Bubble: The Super-Spooky Fright Night!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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