Tuesday, 21 October 2014

No Such Thing

No Such Thing

By Ella Bailey
Published by Flying Eye Books

As everyone knows, there’s no such things as ghosts…or is there? Carrying on my Halloween week, I review Flying Eye Books delightfully spooky, No Such Thing.

Its a cool day in late October when little Georgia notices something weird; objects would move around the house and items were disappearing, could it be the work of something spooky? 'Of course not!' thought Georgia. And when snacks are stolen from the fridge, and a china vase is smashed, clever Georgia knows who’s responsible. Even shadows and strange noises late at night can be explained by simply using a torch light because surely, unquestionably, we all know there’s just no such things as ghosts…

This is another gorgeously infectious picture book by Flying Eye Books. Ella Bailey's illustration style using a pastel colour palette and screen printed effect has a lovely aesthetic appeal. The characters are cute, even those pesky ghosts, and you’ll feel sorry for the adorable cat who knows its the ghosts faults for all the mysterious mishaps around the house.

This is a great picture book for this time of year and little ones will love pointing out the cheeky naughty ghosts who are causing so much mischief for poor Georgia.

Although this is aimed for 5-7 year olds, adults will enjoy this little ghostly tale as well - but a word of warning, don’t let your little ones (ghouls) go blaming the ghosts for their naughty mishaps!

No Such Thing is available to buy in all good bookshops and online at the Flying Eye Books shop.

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