Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wilbur's Book of... Early learning series

Wilbur's Book of... Early learning series

By Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul
Published by Oxford University Press

It's day three of my special Halloween week, this is something for the very little ones - the new Wilbur toddler and baby board book series based on Winnie the Witch’s cat Wilbur. Winnie the Witch is the bestselling picture books by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul.

This series of 8 early learning books cover colours, first words, numbers, opposites, actions, feelings, dressing up and things that go. These are not your average first word books. You won’t find examples such as; A is for apple, or the big elephant or the small mouse. Instead you and your little ones will find a mix of magic and mischief. 

For example, in Wilbur’s book of colours, you’ll come across a red beastie, a black cauldron of white washing and maybe even some slimy green worms!

In Wilbur’s book of numbers, you’ll be counting broomsticks, monsters and even pumpkins.

These board books are humorous and witty and children will love following Wilbur throughout the books. These put fun into early learning. And what makes them even more sweet, is that at the end of each book there’s a message celebrating the fondness that Wilbur and his owner Winnie have for each other, a lovely way to end each book.

This delightful series, though different, are a great alternative from the traditional first word books. An ideal way for introducing magical creatures and other odd objects that they’ll soon be encountering in books, on TV around this spooky time of year!

All eight books in the series are available to buy in good bookshops and online at Oxford University Press Shop.

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