Friday, 24 October 2014

Ten Monsters in the Bed

Ten Monsters in the Bed

By Katie Cotton and Illustrated by Aaron Blecha
Published by Templar Publishing

It’s the fourth day of our Halloween week and for today, a book packed full of rather disgusting monsters. This little beauty has the added bonus of sound, so your own little monsters are going to find this one a delight! Ten Monsters in the Bed is a play on the ’10 green bottle/10 in a bed’ rhyme, but with this take being 10 monsters all squeezed on the top bunk bed. One by one they each get pushed off because they’re either being sick, have fleas, are belching or passing gas - it’s rather gross but very funny.

Though you may not feel sorry for the naughty monsters on the top bunk bed, you will be feeling sorry for the poor monster on the bottom bunk who gets no sleep, and gets covered in all sort of horrible fluids and gasses! Also, keep an eye on the fish bowl, who is an amusing monster goldfish.

The rhyming words are fun and children will love taking part in pushing the tummies of the monsters who have landed on the floor. Amongst these, children will get to hear the sounds of snoring, scratching, burping, screaming and there’s even a creepy laugh in there!  These aren’t cute monsters, instead you get yucky, smelly and very silly monsters - the type we all love!

Ten Monsters in the Bed is available to buy in bookshops, online and from the Templar shop.

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